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Meet O.B. O.B is our oldest goat resident. He came here with his son Kevin in August of 2018. O.B. is one of our special needs animals as he has severe inflammatory issues that range from arthritis, to urinary tract infections to anemia. He is a sweet and loving old boy that enjoys his rubs and massages.

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Meet Kevin. Kevin came to us together with O.B. - his dad. Kevin is very afraid of humans and usually stays away. However, we have seen some small improvements since August of 2019 and he trusts a few of our human care takers now. Kevin has bonded with Peanut who came to us in January 2019 with her two boys. 

Her Boys

Meet Peanut and her baby boys. The owner advertised them as "free to good home" as they didn't want them anymore. Often, animals advertised for free end up as bait, on a grill or are used for breeding. This family is a good example why back yard breeding, even unintentionally is wrong. Animals are for life, not just a trend and disposable when not wanted anymore. Peanut and her boys are lucky, they are safe now and can outlive their lives at the sanctuary. 


Meet Hellboy and Sheamus.. Hellboy and Sheamus are brothers that were coming from a hobby farm breeder that didn't want the baby boys and threatened to kill them as they couldn't make money on them. Boys are often considered useless as they can't be bred or milked. A god samaritan took them in to safe their lives, but ran into zoning issues with their city ordinance and both had to be surrendered.

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