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Meet Sofia. Sofia is one of our big farm pigs. She is a big girl with about 700 pounds. Sofia is a little hesitant at the beginning, but warms up quickly. She is a gentle giant with a deep soul and lots of emotions. Sofia had to leave her home of 6 years, because there was financial restraint and her family had to sell their house and land. Her owner couldn't bear to have Sofia going into the slaughter-lines and reached out to animal advocates and sanctuaries. We were able to take Sofia in with the help of many supporters that rallied for her and donated to her care.

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Meet Leo. Leo is 4 years old and a very handsome boy. Leo knows what he wants...mostly food and belly rubs. He acts like a toddler with tantrums when you say no and has the most interesting way of talking to you. Leo was used as a 4h show pig. When he grew too big, he was surrendered. He is a big and lovable boy with lots of spunk. Just like a big puppy.  


Meet Pickles, our 3 year old neutered male potbelly pig. Pickles was an owner surrender as well. His owner couldn't find housing with appropriate zoning, so we took him in. Pickles suffers from arthritis and hoof deformities in his hind legs and was highly overweight. Over the course of a year we were able to get him to a more sustainable and healthy weight, he gained more mobility and is now cruising around like a champ. We are still working on his hoof issues and arthritis, but his quality of life has tremendously improved.

Jason (aka Bacon)

Meet Jason (aka Bacon), our 7 year old male potbelly pig. Jason was an owner surrender as well. His owner decided to move to another state and needed to rehome him, so we took him in. Jason as well suffers from severe arthritis in his hind legs and is highly overweight. We are working with our vet to alliviate his symptoms, and adjust his diet to improve his quality of life. Jason is highly traumatized from the move and needs a long time to warm up.

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