Residents Wishlist

Wishlist Items for The piggies

  • Glucosamine supplement

  • Omega 3 supplements

  • Vitamin E supplement

  • CBD Oil

  • Mazuri Pot belly food for Elder

  • Straw

  • Timothy Grass Hay

Wishlist Items for The Ducks
Pineapple - 
the disabled duckling

Pineapple is growing up fast. Unfortunately, she is a Pekin duck and will be very heavy. Her legs already have a hard time carrying her weight and we will need a wheel chair for her in the future and a specific set up enclosure that allows her to get in and out of the water.

Her wishlist entails:

  • Wheel Chair for a duck

  • Pond and enclosure that is flush

  • Duck Raiser Food

The Other Ducks
  • All Flock Raiser (food)

  • Bedding (pine shavings)

  • Baby Pools for the summer

Wishlist Items for The Goats & Alpacas
Goats & Alpacas
  • Timothy Grass Hay

  • Straw

  • Goat Treats

  • Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

  • Goat Pellets

  • Alpaca Feed

  • Glucosamine supplement

  • Tumeric powder/capsules

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