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Brownie & Frosty

Meet Brownie and Frosty. They came to us from another rescue. Both were owner surrender. We don't know much about them, but Brownie has some respect issues towards humans which is commonly seen in male Alpacas that have been handled too much as a Cria (baby). He likes to get in your face, but then feels threatened and will spit at you. Frosty is a typical and aloof Alpaca. He is very vocal, likes to hum a lot and sometimes paces up and down the fence line.

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The Duck Gang

Meet Marshmallow, Bolt, Patches and Caramel (left to right). And our newest additions Paddles, Chocolate and Pineapple (disabled baby). The adults were abandoned at a local pond and the babies came from a local feed store because they were injured and would not have survived in the feed store setting. Most domestic ducks can't really fly. They are too heavy which leaves them defenseless and vulnerable to predation, especially when dumped in the wild.

Mr. Speckles

Meet Speckles, aka our police goose. He keeps everyone in check, let's you know when visitors are arriving and can be Mr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde. He goes from nice to moody and mouthy in no time. He is an investigator and trouble maker, but still a fun and good looking dude. He was also a rescue transfer and was surrendered by his owner after all his companions were killed by a predator.


Meet Pickles, our 2 year old neutered male potbelly pig. Pickles was an owner surrender as well. His owner couldn't find housing with appropriate zoning, so we took him in. Pickles suffers from arthritis and hoof deformities in his hind legs and is highly overweight. We are working with our vet to alliviate his symptoms, correct his hoof issues and adjust his diet to improve his quality of life. He is a darling, but a bit grumpy because of his diet.

The Rascals -
Our Goats

Meet our goats - Janis, Jimmy, O.B. (in the picture) and Kevin. All four were owner surrender and transferred to us from another rescue. O.B. is our old guy with arthritis in his front legs and other health issues. Janis and Jimmy are a bonded pair. Jimmy is quite a lover and Janis is the rascal of the herd. Both have respiratory issues caused by scarred lung tissue. We are working with our veterinarian and CSU to find out what is going on. Lastly, there is Kevin. He is O.B.'s son. You wouldn't know as he is really mean to his dad. Kevin must have had some trauma with humans as he is very skittish and distrustful towards humans.

Jason (aka Bacon)

Meet Jason (aka Bacon), our 6 year old male potbelly pig. Jason was an owner surrender as well. His owner decided to move to another state and needed to rehome him, so we took him in. Jason as well suffers from arthritis in his hind legs and is highly overweight. We are working with our vet to alliviate his symptoms, and adjust his diet to improve his quality of life. Jason is highly traumatized from the move and needs a long time to warm up.

The Cornish  

Meet our Cornish Cross breed baby chickens. They hatched December 4th and were rescued out of a bankrupt farm in La Salle. We placed 92 birds in loving homes, provided 1000 pound of food for the starving birds, and will be the forever home for the remaining birds. They are fun, curious and intelligent beings. We are grateful to be able to provide for them as long as they will be around. Unfortunately, this breed has a relatively short live span as they are bred for meat production and slaughtered at the age of 6-8 weeks.

the Turkey

Meet Tom, the white Turkey. He knows he is handsome. He was surrendered to us after 6,5 years in the same home because he started a dislike for the rooster in the house. Hopefully, Tom will adjust to the live here with the baby chickens. He loves to sleep under the heat lamps and already made himself a bit at home; at least he rules the chicken house. He reminds us of a little dinosaur when he walks in between the babies.


Meet Peanut and her baby boys. The owner advertised them as "free to good home" as they didn't want them anymore. Often, animals advertised for free end up as bait, on a grill or are used for breeding. This family is a good example why back yard breeding, even unintentionally is wrong. Animals are for life, not just a trend and disposable when not wanted anymore. Peanut and her boys are lucky, they are safe now and can outlive their lives at the sanctuary. 

RIP Pineapple:
now you can fly
free without any pain 

Meet Pineapple. She came to us just a few days old with a broken leg that already had fused. She is a victim of the industry that is selling baby chickens and ducks as they are shipped right after they hatch cramped into small shipping boxes and deprived of a natural upcoming with a mother on their sides. Many don't survive transport or die at the stores that are selling them. Pineapple lost her ability to walk and we attempted to repair her foot. Unfortunately, her leg didn't heal as anticipated and her "good" leg developed bone cancer. With a very heavy heart, we decided that it was time to let Pineapple fly free. RIP baby girl - you were dearly loved.


Meet Paddles & Chocolate. Both came to us just a few days old with leg issues. They are also victims of the industry that is selling baby chickens and ducks as they are shipped right after they hatch cramped into small shipping boxes and often get injured or die during transport. Both recovered from their injuries and are thriving.


Meet Blossom. Blossom came to us with a prolapsed vent. She was kept in a backyard as egg producer and only received home treatment for her prolapse. She was left in this state for weeks and was finally surrendered to our sanctuary. We rushed her to the vet, corrected the cause for her reproductive organ prolapse and had the prolapse repaired. She is on her way to recovery and hopefully all measures taken will resolve her issues.

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