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The Good Life Refuge believes that animals deserve to be seen as sentient beings. They deserve respect, love and  the best treatment and care possible.

Our mission is to provide refuge for abused, neglected and at-risk animals, especially farm animals.


Our goals are to provide excellence in care, species appropriate nutrition and housing, and a loving and nurturing environment with mental stimulation and enrichment.
Animals that are considered non-adoptable will take residency at the sanctuary and for adoptable animals we will find excellent homes.

We are also dedicated to inspire others to a more balanced and compassionate lifestyle by outreach and advocacy.



​Nicole Brecht - Executive Director

Micheal Ekegren - Director of Operations


Volunteer Staff

Kelwyn McElroy - Volunteer Coordinator

Emily Heine - Communications & Events Manager

Program Management

TBD Community Outreach

TBD Educational Programs
TBD Spay/Neuter Programs

Animal Care Department

Nicole Brecht - Medical Care

Tessa Carley - Animal Care

TBD Animal Enrichment

TBD Animal Nutrition

TBD Animal Medical Care


Nicole Brecht


Janice Kurkewicz

Vice President

Elmar Lenz


Shannon Carnegie


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    North 95 St,

    Longmont, CO 80504

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    At this time we are only open to the public during our open houses, private tours, volunteer orientations and work days.




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